The NoNos Take to the Street!
Urban frenzy


concept marion coutris and serge noyelle
with marion coutris, hugues dangréaux, caspar hümmel, bettina kühlke, serge noyelle, grégori miege, patrice pujol, noël vergès.
musicians stefano genovese, christophe gauthier, eric gallois, marco quesada.

Without a doubt this is the most uncontrollable, free, joyous, loopy, hilarious and desultory show of the NoNo Theatre's repertory!

Whether in a village or a town, you name it -- the NoNo's have landed! Armed and equipped with an indescribable collection of paraphernalia, a motley of objects, random furniture, musical instruments and household items, passerbys are more than amazed. Something seems to be going on...but what? And how?

Setting up is chaotic, poorly organized; they say it's the fault of the organizers! Yes, it's true it's a mess and nothing is going as it should. Spectators gather. The Mayor is meant to show up but he isn't there. The big animal parade isn't ready and the sausages aren't cooking right! In an attempt to understand what's going right and what's going wrong, the event turns inside out and flips upside down. Aborted attempts fuse and clash. The actors lose it, objects take on a life of their own and conversation other words, everything that should happen doesn't happen. But in the midst of all this commotion are twenty-odd astoundingly disheveled performances; spectators will not believe their eyes!