Erotic Christmas Tales
X-rated (no kids allowed!)


text yvan bienvenue, noëlle châtelet, marion coutris, jean delabroy, eugène durif, jean-pierre léonardini, serge noyelle | adaptation musicale marco quesada
with marion coutris, grégori miege, serge noyelle, patrice pujol, louison danis
musicians antony doux, christophe gauthier, marco quesada

Tales, yes, one shouldn't sleep standing up!
Tales to keep you awake until the wee morning hours.
Funny tales, sneaky ones and cheeky ones, urban tales and baroque tales.
Tales, because they take us by the hand and lead us to a world where dreams and fantasies fall apart (why not?).
Erotic tales, yes, because we might as well realize that in the end desire is what makes us, puts us in motion, animates our bodies and spirits, pushes us to travel.
Tales from Christmas because not only children believe in it but because Father Christmas will end up coming one day or another...

5 actors, 3 musicians and 7 authors, plus a few songs adapted for the occasion that give warm spirit to a winter mood, that seek to fire up warm bodies -- a Christmas game where Life is told.