The NoNos make a (circus) scene!
creation Théâtre NoNo


text marion coutris | director serge noyelle | music marco quesada
with rémi boissy, héloïse bourgeois, oto camara, marion coutris, louise faure, flávio franciulli, thomas gestin, caspar hummel, guillaume juncar, grégori miege, claire nouteau, serge noyelle, manel pons romero, patrice pujol, netty radvanyi, laure sinic, sabrina sow, noël verges, william underwood
musicians daniel beaussier, christophe gauthier, stefano genovese, marco quesada

"Fais pas ton cirque!" (Don't make a scene!) is something we often say to difficult kids. Let's take the opposite meaning of this cry out for calm and good behavior as one for joyous disorder and the right to melancholy.

The NoNo Theatre will do exactly that: make a scene -- a circus one! Allowing itself to dream, to vagabond and to invent its own fantasy world, strange and naive but also astonishing, where NoNo's poetry flows, where theatre and circus combine their stories and pleasure in an unreasonable marriage between sky and earth...

13 pairs of wooden hooves, 5 white rats, 3 horsemen, 1 revolver, 11 peacock-pigeons, 2 lost skiers, 1 cyclist's takeoff, 1 crazy Father Christmas, a whistle concert, a nutty crooner, a little red riding hood trapeze artist, a big bad wolf, horses, and flying girls, not to mention 12 sleepy sheep and a sad brass band: NoNo's Circus is like no other! It's a theatre, a landing strip, a playground, a party -- the carousel of our childlike wanderings, a bizarre carnival, a poem in images and in music. When the NoNo's make a scene, anything can happen!

Strange beings appear, transform themselves and then leave as quickly as they came like the string of a chaotic life where past and present emotions brew in an endless ball, a child's dream, an adult's daydream: and it's exactly the imaginary that invites children and grown-ups to share the same nocturnal and magical fable.

The NoNo circus, it's what you make of it, between wakefulness and sleepiness when daytime impressions give way bit by bit to the phantasmagoria of daydreams, joyous and surprising images, crazy and sometimes colored with sadness....