Cabaret NoNo
creation Théâtre NoNo


text marion coutris | director serge noyelle | music marco quesada
with estelle chabretou, marion coutris, alan fairbairn, caspar hummel, pilar jaramillo, serge noyelle, manel pons-romero, patrice pujol, noël vergès
musique interprétée par éric gallois, christophe gauthier, stefano genovese, marco quesada
claquettes isabelle hébert, aline raymann, isabelle dauzet, lucie lenoir
service matthias bauret, julien goetz, bernard llopis, damien nacfer

NoNo is a surrealist cabaret. A total show full of incongruous visions, eye candy and table savories. Serge Noyelle, plastic artist and demiurge, patron of cabaret (when he wills it) and of the NoNo clan; together they take you to faraway places. In a perfect world, crazy, insolent, quirky, and elegant. Seated at the center of a wooden chapel, surrounded by an elevated circus track, audience members becomes privileged guests of a dinner-performance that creates, à la NoNo, a dreamlike cabaret.

Magic is born from everything and here you have it all -- music, striptease, transvestites and dancers, master of the house and ambiguous servers. In other words, all the ingredients essential to cabaret only turned inside-out and flipped upside-down. At the center of the show is an immense chandelier made of 3,500 pieces of ice that hang above you, melting bit by bit as they turn. Suspended images, worrisome and ludicrous figures -- always infallibly human even when disguised by their masks -- and tender moments of grace.

And there you are, both spectator and performer, embarking on a fantastical ship. Where it comes from no one knows but it's fascinating, delights the senses, surprises. Champagne runs freely. People laugh. The boss begins a goodbye dance for a black horse that isn't there. A slow waltz. And then it's finished. It's...NoNo. Yes, yes! NoNo.