(Among Food, Among Words)

A NoNo Theatre Creation/Original Text


written by marion coutris | directed by serge noyelle | music marco quesada
with marion coutris, caspar hummel, gregori miege, serge noyelle, patrice pujol et noël vergès

68 guests sit around a set table. Four actors and two actors-cum-waiters take part in the game -- literally. Nine dishes are served, accompanied by wine and exchanged tales. The food, the words: a rare intimacy is created by this shared meal and blend together to create a poetic and unusual culinary experience.

Created in 2005, the dinner-show Entremets-Entremots has since been shown in numerous cities and countries, notably in China (Shanghai, Beijing and Canton) as well as in Germany and Belgium. In this unique theatrical experience, stage and stage hall are one in the same and nothing distinguishes one from the other nor the actors from "their guests."

The watchful and watching eye determines its perception of things; the aristocratic and baroque scenography of the table, an almost ritualistic geometry, a call to gastronomic pleasures, a plastic arts installation, a party table, a dinner scene -- this is the stage.

Guests and actors discover each other, get familiar, and yet each one remains unstable in this shared meal in which reflections, digressions, and stories are constructed. Little by little, and according to their will, together they penetrate a universe where senses, words and the art of cuisine come together.

Two stooges, attentive waiters and accomplices, always on the lookout, appear and disappear in this game of food and words whose rules they know how to follow and to break.

The intimacy that links actors and guests in this gourmet ritual, created in turns, is jubilant, audacious, up-close and personal and at times confused.

"Surrealist writer, Serge Noyelle has invented gastronomic theatre with an incredible sense for putting on a dinner show." Marianne

"Ultra-original, intellectual, serious and hilarious all at once." Le Figaro Magazine

"These aristocrats X intelligently explore the possibilities in theatre." Ventilo

"Words mix with flavorful food: an awakening of the senses one gets to taste." La Provence