Wandering Show, a NoNo Theatre Original Creation


text marion coutrisdirector serge noyelle | music marco quesada | scenography stéphanie vareillaud and serge noyelle
coproduction : National Theater Company of China, Oerol Festival, City of Marseilles, Théâtre À Châtillon, Styx Théâtre.
with francisco alfonsin, louis badie,
 jean boissery, richard campana,
 estelle chabretou, marion coutris, hwa park-dupré, mélina faka, julien goetz, caspar hummel, franck libert, gregori miege, damien nacfer, manel pons, patrice pujol, aurélie vaneck, noël vergès

Project background:

This show is the result of a collaborative desire that sprung up between two artistic teams, the Styx Theatre and the National Theater Company of China, after an initial experimental version of the project revealed aesthetic affinities between the two parties.

Here there is no stage, no stage hall: the theatre itself has become a Labyrinth. Penetrating its twists and turns, the spectator, who will choose his own path and pace, alone or with a companion, will get lost in a chiaroscuro world without clear landmarks where, walking along as he pleases, will discover one by one the figures that will entice him to wander even further into and around the labyrinth and that will muddy his perception of reality and evoke nocturnal questions. The clock stops ticking. As in a tale born of a chaotic dream, the search for the Singular imposes a roving full of encounters and detours. The Lost Word, or that which is derived from a primitive state of humanity, is the veiled sense of this journey at the heart of the maze.

And yet, this labyrinth differs from the ancient lair of the Minotaur: it's not the resolute masculine principle that inhabits its core but a Sphinx. From a dreamlike world, the figures that the spectators will encounter will be incarnated by actors of nine different nationalities.

Everything, from what one sees to what one hears (chanting voices) is based on the same enigmatic expectation where regret, desire and the unconscious weave the fabric of our dreams and our doubts.

He who leaves the Labyrinth sees he who ventures inside with eyes that, having seen, want to see more...