creation Théâtre NoNo


text marion coutrisdirector serge noyelle | music alain aubin, stefano genovese, marco quesada | scenography serge noyelle, stéphanie vareillaud
with francisco alfonsin, estelle chabretou, marion coutris, hwa dupré, melina faka, caspar hummel, grégori miege, serge noyelle, manel pons, patrice pujol, noël vergès

Barocco, produced by the NoNo Theatre in Marseille, is a contemporary theatrical oratorio that brings together musicians, actors, singers and dancers in one single process. NoNo Theatre's performance is comprised of both in-house and local group performers (7 actors, 5 singers and 5 dancers) who animate the production's spirit.

The result of research that began in Brussels in 2006, then elaborated in Marseille in 2010 and that will continue its course in 2014 for production in the Czech Republic (2015), Barocco is deeply anchored in the unique and theatrical story of the NoNo Theatre Company. Form and substance are intricately united and so require a special commitment to create an original artistic performance.

Borrowing heavily from Baroque aesthetics, which range from signs and meanings to disorder and unsteady movements -- all of which provokes a desire for emptiness -- highlights the need for silence and slowness.

Ironically, the first part in Theatre NoNo's performance of Barocco takes place in the fascinating space of "fullness" where the stage overflows with body language, overstated actions and tales of meta-lives and memory. At the same time, scenographic minimalism and dissociated language elucidate our wordless impulses. Our production explores a field that straddles two opposites: an extreme eroticizing of dancing bodies and an extinction of all desires.

The man we see running, is he escaping or being chased?
Is that sound of laughter due to excitement or distress?
Is everyday life a journey or a frozen image?

Our bodies are but traces of life. Life is conscience but conscience is a battle of bodies; theatre and dance express this battle, and Barocco is where the battle takes place.

Barocco is a creation that reflects the work of an international artistic team (Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands) based in Marseille that continues to elaborate its artistic endeavors. NoNo Theatre invites its audience to enter the ironic and fierce world of the obscure that comes to life on not just any stage but a stage that is more like a secret and mysterious journey where theatre merges with dance and songs amid haunting whispers.